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Please note that employment with Richard Allen Schools is contingent upon the successful completion of a two-week teacher training summer seminar prior to final appointment to a full-time faculty position. Training for substitute and part-time faculty is completed by special arrangement.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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Richard Allen Schools is a family of charter schools with a history of success, 19 years old and counting. We offer smaller-than-average class sizes, numerous professional development opportunities, paid professional development days, and Resident Educator program mentoring, as well as summer programs, tutoring, and other supplemental opportunities.

We are always searching for teachers who are passionate, articulate, intelligent, and motivated to make a real difference in the lives of children through education.

The RAS community believes that education is critical for promoting equity and justice in the world. By educating young people both academically and socially, our teachers have the chance to develop lifelong learners who live out the mission and vision of RAS. In this way, working at Richard Allen allows teachers to help move communities forward.