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About Us

The Richard Allen charter school model is premised on four key strategies:


1. Early Education

Readiness is a key ingredient in ensuring future academic success. Richard Allen Schools' Salem Avenue Campus, which serves students in grades K-3, along with the K-3 team at the Hamilton Campus, uses rigorous phonics-based instruction and Singapore math methods to build strong foundations for student learning. The emphasis on student readiness, especially in reading, math, and social skills, makes it possible for students to matriculate to grade 4 with the greatest probability for success.


2. High Expectations

Simple, clear, non-negotiable standards for student behavior and academic achievement are communicated and consistently reinforced.


3. Carefully Focused Core Curriculum and Direct Instruction Methods

Reading and mathematics fundamentals are emphasized at every grade level. All subject area content reflects Ohio's Learning Standards. Textbooks are aligned to the content standards. Instructional methods are based on direct instruction strategies and include a gradual-release approach to teaching and learning. The core curriculum operates in tandem with academic enrichment experiences in foreign language, art, music, and physical education.


4. Parent Engagement

Parents are expected and required to actively participate in the education of their children. Quarterly Parent Association meetings and semester report card conferences are mandatory. Volunteer parent leaders are identified for each homeroom. Family Report Cards are issued each semester to each family, grading the parents' faithfulness to the commitments made in the Richard Allen agreement all families sign each year.

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