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Richard Allen Schools Celebrate our  2020 Graduates! 

Some Special Messages for all of our Graduates! 

Graduates, on behalf of the Richard Allen Schools community, please accept our congratulations on your graduation. I am very proud of each of you. Today we are celebrating the beginning of your academic achievements as well as your transformation into a journey that will take you through another four years of higher learning.  You are members of our 21st  graduating class; and as the class of 2020 you are now in a class of achievers with other Richard Allen students. We will remember you and we are proud of your academic achievements.  


Dr. Thomas  


Congratulations on this milestone in your lives.  It is one step on an extended journey. Never stop learning. Never stop reaching higher. I am proud of all of you! Continue being your best.


Mrs. Benson

Deputy Superintendent

Congratulations on completing this important step in your educational journeys! We are proud of you and your accomplishments. Continue to work hard, be kind, help others whenever you can, and put your all into doing things that better our community and the world. As you travel on, carry the words of the Creed with you, and stay true to the values instilled in you during your time at RAS. Best wishes to all.


Ms. Flack

Chief Academic Officer

Richard Allen Celebrates You!

RA Preparatory 8th Grade Graduates

A special message from your principal

2020 graduates…
I can’t express how very proud I am of each of you, my first graduating class. Our journey together has been more than memorable! I went from being your teacher from 4th to 7th grade to your 8th grade Principal!  We have grown together, I have seen you all excel, not only academically, but also physically, and spiritually!
       Although this is the end of your years at Richard Allen, understand that the real test, the real commitment, and that real life begins! I can remember all of the “life” discussions that we’ve had over the years. I remember so many times when we had to put down the textbook and have those difficult conversations. All the laughs and tears that we have experienced together will carry me and I hope will carry you throughout the remainder of our years. 
      Please always remember that Mrs. Flucas will always be here.  As long as I have breath in my body. I’m here. My commitment to you runs deep, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this graduating class will make a difference! This is not goodbye… it’s only farewell!! 
                                                                                          Love you always,
                                                                                                    Mrs. Flucas

Mr. Sibbing, Ms. Foster, Ms. Harris and Ms. Nichols have shared a special message for you!  

RA Academy Hamilton Graduates

A special message from your principal

Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes on the next chapter of your education journey. I am very proud of you and excited to see the future leader attributes you will share. Continue to do your best!                                                                                               ~Principal Cooper

Academy 6th Grade Graduates

Mr. Chung and Mrs. Aldaco have shared a special message for you!  

Academy Kindergarten Graduates


RA Preparatory Kindergarten Graduates

A special message from your principal

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2020. We are so proud of all of you! We are living in unprecedented times. Your resilience and hard work are commendable. We wish well as you venture into your next phase. 
~ Principal Daugherty

Celebrate our 2020 graduates with us and share a special message! 

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